Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can use owibai?

    Anyone that has a child(ren) or responsible for a child(ren) and/or anyone that has a car or drives a car.

  2. How Secure is my account on owibai?

    Your account is very secured with a unique security question two factor login.

  3. Is owibai free?

    Owibai is free for individual users but paid for organisations after trial period.

  4. How many children and/or vehicles can I add to my account?

    as many as you can proof you are responsible for.

  5. Can I use owibai if an organisation (church, school, event centre or park) I visit isn’t using it?

    No, you’d have to ask them to sign up.

  6. What platforms can I use owibai?

    Any device via Web, (Android and iOS coming soon)